Język angielski
2017-09-27 15:36:05
Complete the sentenses with the correct passive form of the verbs on brackets. 1. The internet ___ (Use) by about two billion people all over the world. 2. the electronic equipment ___(damage) after a fire broke out last night. 3. Expriments ___ (Carry) out to discover a cure for cancer as we speak. 4. Many satellites __ (send) into space to help telecommunications these days. 5. Special telescopes __ (build) to search the sky for asteroids in a few years. 6. Important information about the company ___ (always/store) on this computer. 7. A service robot ___ (test) all last month with amazing results. 8. New types of chemicals __ (discover) over the last years.
Konto usunięte
2017-09-27 19:09:50

1. Is used 2. Is damaged 3. Are being carried 4. Are sent 5. Will be built 6. Is always stored 7. Was tested 8. Have been discovered

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